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Poetic History of Douglass Club

Laura Pierce in a wise, womanly way

Organized the famous Douglass Club,

Which has settled hear to stay.

When she'd searched for her members

And the fourteen were found

It was then that she organized 

With the noted Clara Brown.

Cora Woodard was our President;

Annie Mitchell as our vice did shine

Mrs. Lee was our Secretary;

Lillie Rhambo next in line;

Keeping records good and fine.

Musicians all a planning

How to make the program shine

Mattie Lovinggood a singing

And you bet! We had a time.

Mrs. Abbington could bring the music

From an instrument you know

Alberta Majors was her double

And that's really true, for sho.

Julia Givens was our Treasurer;

Maggie Washington next in place;

And when Laura needed a coacher

Maud Craig would fill that place;

For those who were buddies true and tried

And when one of them needed assistance

The other was right at her side.

Maud Craig was our ray of sunshine

With a plenty of business too;

When we needed real good music

She could also put that through.

Fannie Anderson was our outlook

For the news we needed most;

And all filled their proper places

So dear Douglass could really boast.

Laura Frazier at the opening of the meetings

She, who at times loves all,

Should ask the dear Lord's blessings

"Father, never let us fall."

To those who come to us later

Some of whom have gone

To join their Heavenly Father

In the great beyond;

We honor those members also,

For the loyalty they showed

And for help us carry

Our sometime heavy load.

And now to all Douglassonians

The entire Douglass group

Three cheer! for all the ladies

Who to mean things never stooped.

And may those who follow in our steps,

As time and tide go by,

Keep the faith the Founders had

And hold its banner high.

Written on the occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of Douglass Club, March 1, 1946, by Mrs. L.A. Frazier

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